Stress Doesn't Have to Harm Your Health or Potential

Some stress is helpful but prolonged stress responses will damage your body, your mind, and your potential.

This 3 week course will show you how to train your mind to resolve your stress reactions on a deeper level - so that you can live a healthier, happier, longer life.

Using simple Zen meditation techniques, you can train yourself to 

1) Quickly notice when stress is building up inside.

2) Resolve it using your body's natural systems.

3) Understand  what really caused it in the first place.

4) Use that knowledge to create a happier, healthier life.

This is how you stressproof yourself.

What could your life be like if you did this?

Let's find out.

This course includes:

  • What stress is, according to modern science

  • Three stabilizing, grounding techniques

  • How to identify the roots of your stress and understand the underlying issue(s)

  • How to practice in everyday life

  • Downloadable guided meditations

  • A Certificate of Completion

Laura M, Language Teacher, USA

"Really Helpful"

Laura M, Language Teacher, USA

"I really enjoyed it! It came at a very opportune time in my life when I was making some big decisions....this course helped me get to those decisions in a calmer and more centered fashion than I would have otherwise. Thank you!"
Kyle M, PhD student, Canada

"Helpful for Sure"

Kyle M, PhD student, Canada

"I had a quite tough day and I decided to try out the stress meditations. I can say I think I need practice but did find it helpful for sure."

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Common Questions

  • Will I need to stop taking any medication?

    Although mindfulness and meditation have been proven to be an affective alternative to antidepressants in clinical trials, I will not advise you to stop taking any medication prescribed by a medical professional. I highly recommend consulting your doctor if you want to stop any medical treatment.

  • Do I need to have meditated before?

    No prior experience is required. Beginners and experienced folk alike are welcome to enroll.

  • How long will it take to stressproof myself?

    What you get out of the course is how much effort you put into it. Everyone also has their own timeline. Changes will happen though, guaranteed.

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Are you ready to be more than your stress?