Stop Being Controlled By Emotions

Have you ever felt the fire of anger?

The whirlwind of anxiety?

The bleakness of depression?

These and other emotions can easily 

  • Dominate our energy and our time
  • Lead to regrettable actions
  • Harm our health
  • Keep us from accessing our true potential

This three part course will train you in simple techniques to:

1) Experience being more than your emotions

2) Let difficult emotions and feelings come and go

3) Assert more control over your actions.

4) Learn more about how your mind works

5) Live more freely and peacefully

Devan T, Social Worker, USA

Regaining My Grip on Reality

Devan T, Social Worker, USA

Mindfulness is helping me relax and focus on my breathing when an anxiety attack or panic attack or OCD attack or PTSD flash are settling in. I'm able to calm myself down faster already. I feel like I'm regaining my grip on reality and letting go of the world of panic I tend to live in."

Course Features

  • An understanding of the biological purpose of feelings - it may surprise you!

  • The skills to master three methods for calming strong emotions and freeing up your mental energy

  • Clear instructions on how to resolve painful memories and any lingering suffering associated with them

  • A clear understanding of how to apply these techniques in your everyday life.

  • A Certificate of Completion to show your commitment to more calm and clarity in your life

Course Map

Common Questions

  • Will I need to stop taking any medication?

    Although mindfulness and meditation have been proven to be an affective alternative to antidepressants in clinical trials, I will not advise you to stop taking any medication prescribed by a medical professional. I highly recommend consulting your doctor if you want to stop any medical treatment.

  • Do I need to have meditated before?

    No prior experience is required. Beginners and experienced folk alike are welcome to enroll.

  • How long will it take to free myself?

    What you get out of the course is how much effort you put into it. A daily practice will have greater effects than casual practice. Keep in mind that everyone has their own timeline and thus cannot be compared that easily.

3 Steps to More Calm and Clarity

  • Enroll

    Enroll in the course, paying securely with both Paypal and SSL protection.

  • Learn

    Learn important information and simple techniques with plenty of practice time.

  • Live Freely

    Use your new skills to release yourself from the grip of wild emotions any time, anywhere.

Start Freeing Yourself from Wild Emotions